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Big Sur

Experience The Magic Of California's Central Coast At Big Sur

Let your coastal retreat reach new heights as you explore the scenic parks, pitch a tent of one of the many campgrounds, and take in the captivating natural beauty of this one-of-a-kind destination. Enjoy a relaxing drive along the picturesque Highway 1, and let the sights and sounds of this 90-mile-long stretch of redwood- and fog-trimmed waterfront draw you in with its magical allure.

Grab a front-row seat for a live concert or Savor Nepenthe's iconic ambrosia burger as you take in the views from the deck. Go for an adventure on the trail that leads to the secluded Partington Cove or take a moment to look up and catch a glimpse of majestic California condors, North America's largest birds. It's all waiting for you at Big Sur.

Big Sur from Hotel Abrego California

Big Sur

47225 Highway 1, Big Sur, California, 93920
Distance from Hotel: 30.4 Miles


  • Big Sur Advocates For A Green Environment
  • Big Sur Foragers Festival
  • Guided Whale Watching & Condor Spotting


  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Camping
  • Dining
  • Photography
  • Concerts

When should I visit Big Sur?

While Big Sur Is Great At Almost Any Time Of The Year, The Best Time To Visit Is From September To November. The Peak Season At Big Sur Runs From April To October, And This Popular California Destination Is Known For Getting More Than 300 Days Of Sunshine Every Year, Making It A Very Popular Tourist Attraction.

Can I camp for free in Big Sur?

Yes, You Can Camp For Free Along The Forest Service Roads In Many Of The National Parks. Stretching Through The Entire Region, Los Padres National Forest Offers Some Great Places To Pitch A Tent, And Los Burros Road, Plaskett Ridge Road, And Nacimiento-Ferguson Road Are Highly Recommended If You're On The Lookout For Free Camping Spots.
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