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The safety of our guests and staff is our top priority. As an extra level of precaution, the Bistro Abrego is closed for breakfast and now open for dinner 5pm-9pm.  In-room massages are unavailable until further notice.
The safety of our guests and staff is our top priority. As an extra level of precaution, the hot tub, fitness center, business center and Bistro Abrego are closed and in-room massages are unavailable until further notice.
755 Abrego St, Monterey, California
Reservations Number: (831) 372-7551
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3:30 PM - 11:59 PM Sample Stree Address
Date: January 20, 2019 to January 20, 2019
Where: Sample Stree Address, Sample Stree Address, Santa Clara, California, USA, XXXXX
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Ticket Price: N/A
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